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Energy Efficiency Programs


There are several energy efficiency improvements that you can make to your home to help reduce its energy consumption.  SBEC wants to help; we have a variety of programs that can help if you are trying to reduce your home’s energy consumption.  SBEC is offering the Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs for energy efficient home improvements.  Be sure to consult your contractor or SBEC’s Member Services Representative to determine which measures would be the most beneficial in reducing your home’s energy consumption.  Rebates for the programs start on January 1ST and run through December 31ST, or while funds are available.  Once funds budgeted for the rebate programs are exhausted, the programs will stop for the remainder of the year.

Rebates will be applied to the member’s account in the form of a bill credit.

Rebates can now be downloaded from the SBEC website and filled out on your computer.  You no longer have to print the rebate form and then fill it out by hand, although you still have that option.  Once you finish completing the rebate application, you can then submit it back to SBEC by email.  Just don’t forget to scan and attach a copy of your invoice as well as any other requested documentation.  Completed rebates can be returned to SBEC by emailing them to:  




2020 Energy Rebate Programs 

(Purchases made from January 1, 2020- December 31, 2020)

HVAC Rebate Program

  • $ 400 – Heat pump

  • $ 300 – Central air conditioning with a gas heating system

  • Heat pumps and air conditioners must have a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 15 or higher.

  • New home construction or existing homes qualify



Geothermal Heat Pump Program

  • $1000 per unit - Geothermal Heat Pump System

  • Geothermal heat pump minimum efficiency rating requirements vary by type of system. Please see detailed program guidelines to determine the minimum ratings for each specific type of system.

  • New home construction or existing homes qualify. 



Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters

  • Water Heater must have an Energy Factor (EF) of 2.0 or higher

  • Must be 30 gallons or larger

  • New home construction or existing Homes qualify

2020 Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate Application  


Energy Star Appliances

  • Rebate of $50 per appliance with a maximum of $250 paid per year for Energy Star rated appliances.

  • Appliances must be ENERGY STAR rated to qualify. 

  • New home construction or existing homes qualify.

2020 Energy Star Appliance Rebate Application 


Attic and Ceiling Insulation

  • Rebate of 15¢ per square foot of installed attic and ceiling insulation.

  • Starting insulation value must be R-19 or less, and final insulation value must be at least R-30

  • Rebate is for existing homes only.

2020 Attic/Ceiling Insulation Rebate Application 

Window Replacement

  • Rebate of $2 per square foot of window opening.

  • Replacement  windows must be Energy Star rated for the Southern Climate Zone to qualify.

  • Rebate is for existing homes only.

2020 Window Replacement Rebate Application 

Window Solar Screens or Film

  • Rebate of $0.50 per square foot of solar screen or film installed.

  • Solar screen must have a heat gain blockage equal to or greater than 70%.

  • Solar film mist have a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) equal to or less than 0.40.
  • Entire window must be covered.
  • Rebate is for existing homes only.

2020 Solar Screen & Film Rebate Application


Home Improvement Loan Program

SBEC Residential members wanting to upgrade their homes can finance their purchase of home energy products with a loan from National Cooperative Bank (NCB). We work together with NCB to expand member access to home energy products and services. These loans are available to SBEC members interested in products such as residential solar, standby generators, Air Conditioning & Heating Systems, or even home efficiency projects such as window upgrades and insulation. 
This provides a flexible option for members to spread their investment cost over multiple years instead of needing to make an up-front cash payment to participate and enjoy the benefits of these offerings. 
To apply for a loan on-line, or contact NCB Loan Specialist, Brittney Baldwin, or (866) 499-3517.  If you have any questions, please contact our Member Services Department at 800-364-3171.

SBEC Home Improvement Loan Program Information 


Contractors List

In no way does SBEC assume responsibility for the work completed by contractors listed on the SBEC contractors list. This list is provided strictly as a database of contractors available that provide services in the SBEC service territory. If you wish to be included on this list, please contact the SBEC Member Services Department at 979.865.3171 or PO Box 1208, Bellville, Texas 77418.

Contractors List


Energy Star Tax Credits


Under the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 which was signed in February 2018, a number of tax credits for residential energy efficiency that had expired at the end of 2016 were renewed. Tax credits for non-business energy property are now available retroactive to purchases made through December 31, 2017.  Tax credits for all residential renewable energy products have been extended through December 31, 2021, and feature a gradual step down in the credit value.

Products eligible for the tax credits that have earned the ENERGY STAR are independently certified to save energy, save money and protect the environment. Use up to 30% less energy in your home by outfitting with ENERGY STAR certified products available across more than 70 categories.

The tax credit for builders of energy efficient homes and tax deductions for energy efficient commercial buildings were also renewed for 2017.

Energy Star Website

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